About the event

The outbreak of Covid-19 has transformed our world and overtaken our lives, presenting unprecedented medical, human, and social challenges. At the same time, the pandemic crisis has been threatening the survival of thousands of organizations at a global scale with devastating societal and economic outcomes. Companies have been reacting in several ways to the emerging crisis and ongoing global challenges from retrenchment to persevering, from innovating to exit, all while being increasingly scrutinized to live up to their Purpose and demonstrate their Impact to society by creating Long-term Value. Within a context where the Investors community clearly recognise that how a company is managing social and environmental issues connects with financial performance, navigating the challenges of contemporary organizations entails much more than a mishmash of sustainability tactics that balance competitiveness and sustainable growth. Pursuing Long-term Value Creation entails an ongoing journey that requires a clear and consistent direction. By connecting Purpose to Impact, the concept, principles, and contents of Integrated Thinking pave the pathway to Sustainable Success through its multi-capital approach, and its focus on the interests and the contributions of a series of heterogeneous stakeholders. In December the Value Reporting Foundation launched the Prototype Integrated Thinking Principles (‘Principles’). The Principles provide a structured approach to embedding integrated thinking into an organization year-round which benefits Corporate Reporting. Integrated Thinking enables Corporate Reporting to ambitions and existing needs, fostering positive impact on society and maintaining financial viability that characterize the journey towards Sustainable Success of organizations. The landscape of Corporate Reporting is unfolding. The establishment of the International Sustainability Standards Board by the IFRS Foundation and the EFRAG’s Corporate Sustainability Regulation Directive are just two examples of Sustainable Success and Long-term Value creation. 


The aim of the Forum in Rome on 27th May 2022 is to engage CEOs, CFOs, Investors, and Corporate Reporting preparers/users in conversations able to critically discuss how Sustainable Success, Long-term Value and Impact can be achieved through Integrated Thinking. Among others, the topics to be discussed include the following:

  • What is the difference between Strategies of Sustainability and Sustainable Strategy?
  • What are the Executives’ and the Board’s view on Sustainable and Impactful Strategy?
  • What is the perspecitve of investors?
  • How can Sustainable and Impactful Strategy contribute to the achievement of the SDGs?
  • What is the role of Corporate Reporting?
  • What are the implications of the evolution of the Corporate Reporting Landscape?
  • From VRF to ISSB: what’s next?
  • What is the impact of sustainable finance in managing and funding sustainable business?
  • What kinds of political or institutional shifts might contribute to building an integrated and inclusive society focused on rewarding the alignment of corporate purpose with sustainable strategy?
  • What is the impact of sustainable finance in managing and funding sustainable business?
  • How to measure and communicate impact alongside a financial return?
  • How can Purpose be connected to Impact?